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Panofoto360 UK is Google Street View trusted and use 360° camera technology approved by Google to take a series of 360° high-quality digital images, both inside and outside of a client’s business premises.

Back at base, we use the latest imaging software to edit the images and a leading virtual tour software platform to create an immersive 360° Street View (walkthrough) virtual tour to publish it directly on Google Maps.

Each client will also receive a copy of the Google Street View – share link (URL) and Google Maps <iframe> embedding code.

  • 1+ external 360° street view images of outside the business.
  • 1 – 10 internal 360° street view images of inside of the business.
  • A Google Street View trusted photographer using an approved Google Street View 360° camera.
  • Image editing – using the latest imaging software.
  • Create a Street View tour using a leading virtual tour software platform.
  • Upload and publish the Street View tour directly to Google Maps.
  • Receive a copy of the Google Maps website embedding.
  • Travelling to and from clients business premises in the London area*.

* If you are located outside the London area, travelling expenses will be applied.

Google Street View 360° Virtual Tour

A Google Street View 360° virtual tour (walkthrough) of your business can help new customers to decide to choose you over your competitors. Also, it can help boost your business visibility online and ranking in search engine results in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The objective of any virtual tour is to attract customers and sell something. It is a small price and investment to make that will inevitably increase your online business presence to the wider world.

How Can Customers See Inside My Business?

There are 3 ways a customer can see inside your business with Google Street View:

Google Street View – Share Link

The Google Street View – share link (URL) is direct and can be copied and pasted into an email to potential customers or posted on your Facebook and Twitter social network accounts. The following two links are examples of a Google Street View – share link for the Canonbury Kitchen Italia restaurant can be listed:

See inside Canonbury Kitchen Italia restaurant.

Google Maps – A Customer Search

A customer can visit Google Maps, type the name or address of a business in the search box and click search. Click and hold down the left button on your mouse on the Pegman (the little yellow person located in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen) and drag it directly over the mini red map-pin of a business to be transported to a 360° virtual street view of inside the premises.

Google Maps – Embedding Code

The Google Maps embedding code can be added to a page on a business website. You can see active examples of the Google Maps <iframe> code on our Home page.

To make a booking contact us by email to arrange a booking for us to come along and take a series of 360° high-quality digital images, both inside and outside of your premises to create your own Google Street View 360° virtual tour.


Full payment for our Street View services is taken on the day of the booking by debit/credit card, we use Sumup. A receipt is sent to your prefered email address. By not having any fancy offices we keep our running costs down and enables us to offer clients an affordable competitive rate.

For further information and pricing please contact us.

Please note: Panofoto360 UK uploads and publishes a client’s Street View virtual tour via our virtual tour platform to the Google Maps servers, it will take some time (3 days plus) for the arrows and directions (connections) to appear or be facing in the right direction on Google Street View. The is because Google has multiple servers located worldwide and the cache of each server (a repository of temporary files used to speed up data transfer) must clear and persist to set the centre and north headings (geolocation points) for each scene. Rarely, but sometimes the geolocation set by Google Maps may take much longer to rectify or even remain permanent. Panofoto360 UK does not have any control or say over this process.

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