Room View 360°

The room view 360° virtual tour is ideal for individuals or businesses to promote certain areas of their property or business e.g. a restaurant would like to showcase a private dining room, garden area or event space for hire, an Airbnb property or room to rent, office space or co-working space to rent, a beauty salon would like to showcase the inside of a treatment room – the uses are endless. The colour of the viewer frame can be changed to match the branding of your business or preferred choice.

Above is a live room view 360° of inside the Canonbury Kitchen Italia Restaurant. Each 360° view had been taken from four separate tables to give the potential customers an experience of sitting at a table in the restaurant.

Above is an example of a room view 360° of inside a bedroom to showcase to prospective tenants.

Bookings & Payments

To make a booking contact us by email to make an appointment for us to come along and take a series of 360° high-quality digital images of your premises to create your own Room View 360° virtual tour.

Full payment for our services is taken on the day of the booking by debit/credit card, we use Sumup. A receipt is sent to your prefered email address. For further information and pricing please contact us.